The Holiday Pass

School’s out, so let’s have fun! Sport, fun and games, and lots of adventures are waiting for you. To make sure you are not going to get bored in the coming six weeks, we have put together a Holiday Pass for 2022 as well.

There are four variations to choose from: The Ö+ Pass keeps you mobile with the Deutsche Bahn and the agillis in the Region Coburg. The Ö Pass lets you take the bus free. Anyone who has their own transport and doesn’t need a bus or train ticket and loves being in the water, should take the B Pass. The V Pass offers a wide range of small discounts.

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From when until when is the Holiday Pass valid?

The Holiday Pass for the Town and District of Coburg is valid from 1 August to 12 September 2022.

Who can get the Holiday Pass?

Children and young people up to the age of 18, people taking part in the Youth Volunteer Programmes (Bufdi, FSJ, FÖJ), students and trainees who are either resident in the Town or District of Coburg, or who has a parent/guardian resident there. If the above applies to you and you have a Youth Leader card (Juleica), then you can get the B, Ö or Ö+ Pass at a reduced price. Anyone eligible for benefits under the education and participation package (Leistungen des Bildungs- und Teilhabepakets), can apply for a subsidy. Anyone eligible for those benefits in the Town of Coburg can get the cost of the Holiday Pass refunded, as can recipients of SGB II (Alg II) benefits in the Jobcenter Coburg Stadt (Hinterer Floßanger 10), anyone receiving asylum seeker benefits, housing benefit (Wohngeld) or supplementary child allowance (Kinderzuschlag) in the administrative building (Steingasse 18, Room No 305). Anyone eligible in the District of Coburg can get the application as recipients of SGB II (Alg II) benefits from the Jobcenter Coburg Land, as recipients of housing benefit (Wohngeld) or supplementary child allowance (Kinderzuschlag) from the Landratsamt Coburg, Ms Karatas, Room No 117 as well as from the town and communal administrations of the district.

When is it available?

The Holiday Pass is available from June 25, 2022.

Holiday Pass and 9-Euro Ticket

Are you interested in the Ö+ Pass? This year, for the first time, we can include the agilis Verkehrsgemeinschaft mbH with the route from Bad Rodach to Coburg to Bad Staffelstein in the Ö+ Pass. That means the public transport in the north west of the district around Coburg is also included in the Holiday Pass and all of the communities are connected in a similar way. The Ö+ Pass is valid for all 6 weeks of the summer holidays until 12 September 2022.

Please note that the so-called 9-Euro ticket was introduced for regional public transport on 1 June 2022. If you only want to be mobile in August, then it is worth buying the 9-euro ticket from any transport operator.